About Me

I actually started to mess with this website while being bored but now that I think of it... What can I say about me? I'm just a simple 22 years old french guy with way to much time. I enjoy doing roleplay, playing video games and messing around with people on the internet. I'm *I think* really open-minded about anything as long as it does not affect my life: You do You, and I do me.
I play a lot of overwatch, VRChat, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS ! :)
Don't hesitate to contact me for anything, i'll love to help as much as I can on anything. I guess I could say I'm usually a kind person... But I can be salty as heck, sorry about that.

Oh, I also own a Plex media server, don't hesitate to contact me if you want access to it.

Client Testimonials

  • Harsh, but true. One of the most cute weaboo that i personnally know. Once you get his trust, he is just the cutest piece of cake of all time..

  • Niyah is the best baguette I've ever had. 10/10 would get prefab from again. Honestly tho, he's an amazing guy that you can always rely on <3

  • I do not know Niyah well just yet, but I know he likes anime, hentai, memes and of course the RolePlay ... A good person to keep it simple.

  • Impulsive person with a big heart.

  • I met him on the internet, playing a game. First I thought he was a bit weird but so hilarious. Then he became a gold friend that I can speak with of everything. He's talented, smart, open minded and cultured. Now, we are like 2 guys of a crazy a band, getting into funny troubles and supporting each other when it goes wrong. He's really a great person, maybe a bit too outspoken, but I like him for that.

  • Niyah is big gay

  • Niyah is a person who dares to say what people are thinking. Sometimes tactless but that's what makes his personality.

  • Being salty suits you. The red hair looked better.

  • Take an inch of salt, a clear and sharpened sight on things, a good friend and some light jokes mixed with dark, messed-up humor, add a great heart flowing with emotions, sometimes even too massive to handle life with all its disgrace, and you'll have a brand, fully-functioning Niyah.


Get In Touch.

I actually was about to allow you guys to contact me trough mail, but in the end i'm bored so just contact me trough twitter or discord, my DM's are open, use them god damn it I don't bite.
Ok in the end the form below is working, I was just being dumb and the fix was easier than expected... But I'll answer faster on twitter tho.

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